2765: Escape Speed/The whole image

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  • Here is a collection of several different versions of the whole image from the interactive comic 2765: Escape Speed and full images of each planet or body in the image.

Full image[edit]

  • Four versions of the whole image.

2765 full.png

Crystal Sphere[edit]

  • Full Crystal Sphere

2765 Full Crystal Sphere.png

Starting Planet and Origin[edit]

Origin and starting planet.png

Hollow Planet[edit]

2765 Hollow planet.png

Star Destroyer[edit]

2765 Star Destroyer.png

2765 Torpedoes.png

2765 Corellian Corvette.png

Click and Drag Planet[edit]

2765 Click and Drag planet.png

Subway Planet[edit]

2765 Subway Planet.png

Boston Planet[edit]

2765 Boston Planet.png

Projection of Earth[edit]

2765 Projection of Earth.png

What If? Planet[edit]

2765 What If? planet.png


2765 Uzumaki.png

Round Planet[edit]

2765 Round planet.png

Jurassic Park Planet[edit]

2765 Jurassic Park planet.png


2765 Andal.png

Comet 67P[edit]

2765 Comet 67P-Churyumov-Gerasimenko.png

Guitar Ship[edit]

2765 Guitar Ship.png


2765 Saturn.png

Roche Lobe Earth[edit]

2765 Roche Lobe Earth.png

Giant Spider[edit]

2765 Giant Spider.png

Dark Matter Planet[edit]

2765 Dark Matter Planet.png

Shuttle Skeleton[edit]

2765 Shuttle Skeleton.png

Diffraction Spikes Star[edit]

2765 Diffraction Spikes Star.png


2765 SafetySat.png

Spacetime Soccer Field[edit]

2765 Spacetime Soccer game.png

Voyager 1 and Voyager 2[edit]

2765 Voyager 1 & 2.png

2765 Voyager 1.png

2765 Voyager 2.png

Crack in the Crystal Sphere[edit]

2765 Crack in the Crystal Sphere.png