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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal also did a special issue this morning in honor of this announcement. Barmar (talk) 20:02, 14 September 2020 (UTC)

I don't think the bottom left panel fits. If you read it as left side is jumping to wild conclusions, center having an appropriate conclusions, and the right said as avoiding coming to any conclusions, then 8/9 panels fit. The bottom left doesn't really fit. 20:33, 14 September 2020 (UTC)mcstatz

Definite Evidence means there's no need to be leaping to wild conclusions as to their existence, it's already "definite". In this case, the wild conclusion would be the assumption that they are friendly and that touching them has no potential to be harmful. -boB (talk) 21:18, 14 September 2020 (UTC)
Even if the aliens are initially friendly, are they going to interpret a hug as a hostile action? There's no way to know without understanding their culture. 22:27, 14 September 2020 (UTC)
I travel 10 parsecs to a planet so primitive that they still think the digital watch is a neat idea and then somebody wraps their body around me, damn right I'm going to respond with force Kev (talk) 00:50, 15 September 2020 (UTC)

BOOK/TV SHOW SPOILER I wonder if the first panel (asteroid is probe) is a reference to the first season/book of The Expanse? Or maybe I'm just thinking that because I've been watching the show myself haha. As an aside, if there is a proper spoiler feature here that will hide the comment, please edit this. 23:08, 14 September 2020 (UTC)

I'm pretty sure it's a reference to this:,%27Oumuamua%2C%20for%20example%2C%20has%20a%20significant%20carbon%20content. -monte 01:44, 15 September 2020 (UTC)

It's just possible that the top-right panel references the British(/Irish, by setting) sitcom Father Ted, where the eponymous Father is trying to explain to Father "Two aspects short of a Trinity" Dougal that these cows (indicates models of cows) are very small, but those cows (gesturing out of the 'holiday caravan' window) are far away.... And even if it isn't, I commend you to go and watch it anyway as it's a truly classic series... 04:22, 15 September 2020 (UTC)

Is there a category for "alien encounters"? Should we create one? 17:05, 16 September 2020 (UTC)

can someone make the explanation into a table. it is hard to understand .