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First appearance Long Long Ago
Known appearances eπi
Contribution score 270
Pages edited 227
Changes made 687
Time On Wiki 37
Status (Probably) Offlinehi u found me

About Me[edit]

I like xkcd[citation needed]
Im decent at css(opinion)(but not good at designing obviously because I still like comic sans)
Dont let me near your computer; I have worse computer problems than Randall

I will format your page for you (because I have nothing better to do) just ask
I do front end web development

My favorite comics[edit]

The stargazing series[edit]

1337 Series[edit]

The Secretary Series[edit]

The Journal Series[edit]

wow i guess i rly like series

Comics not in series[edit]

What I help with/What I have helped with[edit]

  • I fix grammar problems
  • I help with transcript
  • Adding Content To Red links (Sometimes)
  • I open 6 wikipedia pages to add one line in the explanation

Templates That Relate To Xkcd Comics:[edit]

  • Template: Turtle

"I am a turtle"

-The Turtle
  • Template: Dyslexics


My Current Signature[edit]