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More Light, Less Heat

I've gotta say, the volunteer editors here are really pretty motivated. Downright passionate, in fact.

That's great to see. Every day, the count of comics we haven't explained yet goes down a little, so not only are all the new comics being thoroughly analyzed, explained, and discussed, but there's a whole lot of back-filling going on, too. There's a steady stream of edits by a hard-core bunch of regulars, and -- surprising to me -- a bunch of anons picking up the gauntlet to chip away at that "still to do" number. Wow.

Even if they don't do it exactly right every time.

One thing I have noticed, and would like to gently discourage, is a bit of snippiness by the more seasoned editors.

It takes a peculiar form of persistence to go through and put on the polish. Admittedly, it's not a universal trait; it is, in fact, what sets those more prolific editors apart. So while it may rub such perfection-seeking editors the wrong way to see a template misapplied, or a date not provided, or some other omission incorporated into our great collective opus, we are all well to remember: this is a volunteer effort, and despite the imperfections of some of the contributions, we're better off for it (if for no other reason than that soon, that imperfect editor may become one of us, and really help close the gap.) There was a time, maybe not so long ago, when we were such.

So before this section warrants a tl;dr designation, just let me say: let's forgive the trespasses of the eager, motivated, but perhaps inexperienced helpers, and save our justified ire for the vandals, spammers, and other trouble-makers that really are a negative influence on this site.

Thanks for the forethought.