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The Name[edit]

When I created my neopets account when I was 9, I wanted a username that would make me unique. No numbers, no weird symbols, just something unique. I wanted a username also that would put me at the bottom of any alphabetical listing of users, but still have it be pronounceable. "Zyz" was out of the question.

I opened up a notepad document and typed in the last three letters of the alphabet backwards


I felt like adding a bit to make it a bit more complete


And that was my username. Later when I created a RuneScape account, I expanded it to make it sound cooler to the teenage adventurer in me.


And that's how I got this username. I now use it pretty much exclusively wherever I can, because I know that it will be unique and that it makes it that I only have to guess on the password field and not the username AND password field.


Computers, physics, music, language, linux, nerdy activities

Why do I like XKCD[edit]

I find it easier to refer my friends to a certain comic rather than give my own explanation for my irrational nerdy behavior.


Friend: Hey, why do you use Linux instead of Windows or Mac
Me: Hold on..., take a look at these:,,,,
Friend: Oh, that's cool...I...I uh never knew about these. It looks hard, but kinda cool. (Searches for something else to talk about