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Welcome, and a little constructive criticism[edit]

Hi! Welcome to explainxkcd. I hope you'll accept a little constructive criticism. When you create a page, linking to the talk page is done with {{comic discussion}}. Also, the title text is displayed under the image, there's no need to create a Title text section.

Finally, for the explanation, try to start off with the explanation from the blog, also scroll through the comments to see if the community added something to the explanation that Jeff missed (known to happen :p). When you get to comics without explanations (or comics with sub-par explanations) make sure that your own effort goes to "show, not tell" as my old English teacher said. Many comics have a transcription section with the transcription provided by Randall in the json api for an exact description of what is in the comic. Our job is to let people know what references are being made and provide simplified explanations of the complex ideas that are simply thrown into an xkcd comic. Don't be afraid to liberally supply Wikipedia links using {{w|Wikpedia article title}}. Also browse the categories to see what comics should be tagged as, mostly just the Comics featuring characters and Category:Charts. All the dates categories are done automatically by the comic template, so don't worry about those.

Also, could be please link to your User page in your signature? It makes it devilishly hard to track down who said what when I have to resort to viewing the edit history to see the username associated with the signature.

Stick around a while! lcarsos (talk) 16:54, 20 August 2012 (UTC)

Do Not Change talk pages[edit]

Do not add bullets to talk pages because you think it might look better. It is very taboo in wiki usage to change someone else's comment on a talk page. Leave other people's formatting alone. lcarsos (talk) 19:58, 27 August 2012 (UTC)