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In this series we are introduced to the time traveling Sphere, a floating black energy sphere from the future. It speaks fluent English and seems to come from very far into the future and it calls Earth "your planet" so seems like it did not originate on Earth (or else came back). See more about these strange things in the explanation for the comics.

A similar talking floating energy sphere was seen before in 1173: Steroids. And the AIs in 1450: AI-Box Experiment and 2635: Superintelligent AIs are similar except the central part are differently shaped. The Steroids sphere could be a different time traveler or aliens race or even AI, but the AIs seems unrelated to the other two spheres.

  • It is a rare type of series not seen before in xkcd.
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The two comics came out in consecutively released comics, but not two days in a row, but in the regular release schedule Monday and Wednesday, but then stopped there. Other "real" series where more than one comic in the series came out in the same week always came in groups of five with five releases in a week, one every regular weekday.

The comics in the Time traveling Sphere series have titles that do not relate to each other, except the fact that both comics titles are a noun followed by a field of research that refer to sciences that look into the past with Paleontology and Archaeology. Only other clear series with such differing names are the Android series, but those two comics were not released in the same week (although within two weeks of each other), and the word Android goes again in both comics binding them together. In the Time Traveling Sphere only the Sphere and the fact that Cueball and Megan continues their discussion with it from the first comic in the second comic makes it clear that these two comics are a series.

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