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Squirrels are often used in xkcd comics and What if? posts as a way of avoiding reality.

Although the first comic given below is no. 167, this was only a mentioning of Squirrels. The first with a drawing of squirrel was no. 635.

[edit] Uses in other xkcd media:

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what if?:


Thing Explainer:

  • There are at least four squirrels in the book.
    • Most prominent in the explanation for Boxes that make clothes smell better (i.e. Washing machine and dryer).
      • There is a drawing of a squirrel at the bottom right. Above this there is an arrow pointing to it and the text:
Why is this in your house?"
  • So in this case it was not to hide something unpleasant as has been the case in what if?
  • The other squirrels are under the the pipe at the bottom of the explanation for Big tiny thing hitter, in the top of the Tree and of course in the Tree of life.

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