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A close-up of Rob from 782: Desecration
First appearance 276: Fixed Width
Known appearances 12

Rob is a stick figure in xkcd. Rob has no identifying features and appears as a generic stick figure, visually undistinguishable from Cueball. He is one of the few of Randall's characters to be given a name. Rob is specifically named in 276: Fixed Width, 632: Suspicion, 647: Scary, 716: Time Machine, 782: Desecration, and 1168: tar. 632: Suspicion was the first comic to confirm Rob by his name in the transcript - in 276: Fixed Width, all readers knew for sure was that his screen name was "rob". Rob also appears in 1102: Fastest-Growing, but only offscreen.


Rob had a relationship with a woman known as <emily> on IM. This ended tragically in 276: Fixed Width when he told her the relationship was only for sex to keep the lines the same width. Two years later in 2009 he had a relationship of a few months with what ended up to be a spam bot. He discovered this when he asked the bot to pass a Turing test. This happened in 632: Suspicion.

In 647: Scary we find that he has a nephew born after September 11, 2001, but by 2009 he was old enough to have discussions with Rob about it.

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