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  • These are the comics that were posted on xkcd on a Saturday.
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  • Note that xkcd usually only posts a new comic Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    • However, for several reasons comics have been posted on all week days
    • In the early days of the comic it happened frequently, but it has become very rare since LiveJournal closed.
      • The first four comics released on a Saturday are from before that time, and as of spring 2020 only one new Saturday comic has appeared.
    • One notable exception that can lead to off-set release dates is April Fools day.
      • This has not occurred on a Saturday yet as of 2021.
      • April 1st of 2017 and 2023 landed on Saturday, but there were no April fools' comics those years.
      • The next Saturday April 1st will be in 2028.
    • In 2020, however, the April fools' comic, 2288: Collector's Edition, was supposed to be released on Wednesday April 1st, but it was delayed two days.
  • Finally there could be incidences where a comic possibly has been miscategorized.
    • The date given should be when posted on xkcd, not here.
    • Please check up on this and explain here and at the comic why it has been released on a Saturday.
    • The dates can be found in the xkcd archive
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