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I'm Apollo, not the greek god, the space program. Obvously Apollo 11 is my favorite. Did you know that if you wrapped a string around the world.....

.....that it'd probably take a lot of string.

Lets start some consraversy (I suck at spelling), Beret Guy is the best, the 1000 comics are better than the 2000 comics, a hotdog is not a sandwich, and ceral is not a soup, its a salad. (think about it, soup is were the ingredients are cooked so the nutrients are in the broth, will a salad is a when a fatty liquid is added to a combanation of ingredients).

ALSO, please help with Backward in Time, its not complete and needs a lot of work, I'm working on it best I can but I also don't have that much time on my hands


Be nice

Dont vanilize, nobody thinks its funny, and its not funny to piss people off, thats called being a dick (or a sociopath(Black hat) take your pick).

Too anyone who's new, dont feel shy to edit, this comminuty is nice, brutally honest but nice!

Have fun ;)