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Beard was Here[edit]

It's tempting to fill this space with a whole bunch of meaningless memes, but i will restrain myself to just one: (

Beard: member since August 2015. contributed only a handful of times. been reading xkcd since 2011, when i stumbled upon it and spent 3 hours straight reading through different comics. by 2014, i had a strong familiarity with most of the comics, and i was at the point where a general conversation without at least one reference to an xkcd comic was a wasted conversation. By the time i joined explainxkcd in 2015, i had read almost all of the explainxkcd pages and had most comics and their title texts memorized.

i have at least one device that has the password correct horse battery staple, and enjoy employing the content of xkcd as well as explain xkcd and what-if to educate people about xkcd-y things and other cool things that i discovered through xkcd.

btw, I am beard, not just because I have a beard, but because i embrace the image that having a beard represents.