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Hello, I am a big xkcd fan.

On every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, when the next comic is published, my bot dgbrtBOT tries to create all the necessary pages here.

Since the major server updates in May 2018 I'm an Administrator here. As an IT professional I really know how this stuff works.

After a few tests and always reading some useless error messages I've debugged the source code of the Math extension. In general it's simple but the error messages didn't help - especially when searching them at Google. But a brief understanding how this software works brought me to this solution:

P_{MathDoesWork} = 100% or this one \sum_{n=0}^N (N is the number of what???)

The mathematical formula is rendered to a PNG picture. There are more possibilities, this is just the simplest way and compatible to the vast majority of all browsers.

My introduction as xkcd fan[edit]

My random list of favourite Comics by Randall: Combination Vision Test, Up Goer Five and of course that tiny rover Spirit never coming home.

I'm not a native English speaker[edit]

...and I don't like "typos". So much THANKS for helping on this issue or even more importantly: Wrong grammar <-I don't like these errors I don't see.

As a German native speaker I had to learn something like "Oxford English" in school, and I hated it. My knowledge about the (American, British, more...) English language mostly belongs to later experiences. International contacts, science (especially physics), programming (Randall does not know how funny IBM's translations for German are - "Copy from to" becomes "Copy until") in German, AND the main language on the Internet is, of course, English.

Also I was even bad at the German language sessions in school. But that's just another story.

I'm happy about corrections to my typos and grammar, but on essential content I will discuss.

Thanks to Spongebob for some smaller edits on this page. I'm still learning English...
Thanks to Spongebob again for fixing a really damn typo...