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Bot Explanation[edit]

This bot is doing the proper uploads here when a new comic appears on xkcd. The Perl script can be found here: GitHub.

Any ideas for enhancements to this bot are welcome and should go here: User talk:DgbrtBOT.

When the BOT fails...[edit]

...please be patient or follow these instructions in the written order:

  • Add the proper entry here: List of all comics
  • Click the red link for the picture and do the upload. Mostly there are two sizes available at xkcd and a browser shows typically the larger one while the standard size is preferred here. Just copy the picture URL to your clipboard and change the picture name from file_2x.png to file.png.
  • Click the create link at the "List of all comics" for the comic page and use that template. Don't forget the incomplete tags for the explain and transcript sections.
  • Create the redirects for the comic number and comic name (like 1864 and City Nicknames - The content is just
#REDIRECT [[1864: City Nicknames]].
  • Edit the Template:LATESTCOMIC. Increase the number but DO NOT change anything else or the bot will fail on the next comic.
  • Create the talk page and add this text:
<!--Please sign your posts with ~~~~ and don't delete this text. New comments should be added at the bottom.-->