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This is the basic infobox-style header template used to display xkcd comics on their own pages, including the comic number (with external link to xkcd), publication date, title, comic image, and title text. This is an upgraded version that has support for undefined/invalid numbers; allowing use with comics that are not present in the main series (for example, Radiation).


The following is a sample usage of this template: (see talk page)


| number    =
| date      =
| title     =
| before    =
| image     =
| custom    =
| imagesize =
| titletext =
| ldomain   =
| lappend   =


  • At least the number, title and image are required.
  • The date should be written in the form: January 1, 2006
  • The imagesize field is optional.
    • The comic's width will be limited to the set size. Format must be in pixels (eg: "350px")
    • The comic's height may be set by adding an 'x' to the start (eg: "x350px")
    • Warning: If the size is larger than the image, the image will be stretched.
  • before is a special field for inserting text before the comic. One use is for extremely large comics (e.g. Umwelt), to skip to the explanation.
  • If the custom field is not empty, the image field will be ignored and be replaced with any text that you put in the custom field.
  • if number is left undefined, most of the navigation bar will be disabled.
    • lappend must be defined as'''lappend'''/
      to keep the link to valid.
    • If the link is to eg. a blog post ( ldomain can be defined as
      to change the subdomain in the link.

The example in the talk page is produced by the following code:

| date      = October 4, 2005
| title     = Example with different link
| image     = schrodinger.jpg
| titletext = I went to a dinner where there was a full 10 minutes of Holy Grail quotes exchanged, with no context, in lieu of conversation.  It depressed me badly.
| ldomain   = www
| lappend   = radiation