436: How it Happened

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How it Happened
I was there, dude.
Title text: I was there, dude.


See also this comic "That's What SHE Said".

The phrase "That's what she said!" is commonly used after someone has described something that sounds sexual but had no intentional sexual meaning. An example might be:

"It's huge!" (Describing an overly large object like a large tree)
"That's what she said" (Implying that the previous person had been describing something very different)

However, in this comic Cueball is actually describing what the girl whispered to him, looking for sex the next night. His friend then responds with "that's what she said" but, of course, in this situation it has no meaning as that was literally what she said. Cueball continues this in the next panel. His reaction (“Yes. Yes, it is.”) is exactly the same as Megan's reaction to a “that's what she said” in Your Mom.

The title text is just another standard phrase at a similar manner.


[Two people standing.]
Cueball: Then she put her hands over mine, grinds against me, leans down and whispers, "After tonight, we go and live our lives, no regrets. But I want this, I want you, one last time."
[The friend is giving a thumbs up, pointing, surrounded by action lines.]
Friend: That's what SHE said!
[Both continue to stand.]
Cueball: Yes. Yes, it is.
[Both continue to stand.]

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Cueball's friend's like me. --NSDCars5 (talk) 18:15, 3 March 2014 (UTC)NSDCars5