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Hey, at least I ran out of staples.
Title text: Hey, at least I ran out of staples.


The LOLcat meme genre involves pictures of cats in various poses and facial contortions accompanied by deliberately misspelled captions. Black Hat claims to be from the Internet and is thus creating LOLcat memes by literally gluing captions to Cueball's cats.

The title text suggests that Black Hat is using glue only because he ran out of staples; fortunately for the cats in the picture, glue is much less painful than a staple. The title is also a reference to the "I'm in ur base killing ur d00dz" catchphrase from real-time-strategy games.

Stapling things to other things has also been referenced in 291: Dignified and 478: The Staple Madness.


[Black Hat is holding a cat and a piece of paper. Cueball has raised his arms. There are three cats with captions stuck to them.]
Black Hat: Oh hi; I'm here from the Internet.
Cueball: What are you doing!?
Black Hat: Gluing captions to your cats.
Cat: rrrr

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Is "Oh Hi" a reference to O HAI, since he's from the Internet? 12:25, 20 May 2014 (UTC)DBrak

If it wasn't already a rather ubiquitous greeting, maybe. -Pennpenn 03:29, 30 March 2015 (UTC)