62: Valentine - Karnaugh

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Valentine - Karnaugh
Love and circuit analysis, hand in hand at last.
Title text: Love and circuit analysis, hand in hand at last.


A Karnaugh map is a Boolean algebra tool which is used to simplify expressions. The final picture, the one that looks like a crossword puzzle, is similar to the way that a Karnaugh map is used on a Boolean truth table, to identify areas that can be simplified. This picture shows how the process is used to simplify logic circuits. The lament of the valentine is that feelings don't yield themselves to the same kind of analysis.


[squiggly heart design]
You make me feel so much
it all runs together
I wish I could tell you
[crisscrossing heart design]
So few words
for so many feelings
crisscrossing my heart
[heart matrix design]
A matrix of desire
Tangled relations
I can't simplify
[Karnaugh map of hearts]
I wish I could find
the Karnaugh map
for love.

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