746: Birth

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All those GTA marathons during the pregnancy were a bad idea.
Title text: All those GTA marathons during the pregnancy were a bad idea.


In this completely absurd comic, we see the typical scene of a woman giving birth. Instead of the baby's head coming out, what appears to be a barrel of a gun instead. And the baby, who can already talk (and hold a gun) is instead holding up the doctor. "Nobody move--this is a stick-up!" is a typical Western movie trope.

The title text is a reference to the video game Grand Theft Auto

This is also one of the few comics that features Megan's name in the text.

Alternatively,this comic could be parody of all the studies and news stories about the effect of video games on children. If they play too many violent video games, do they act like the video games in real life? Most of the news storiesare usually based on anecdotal evidence. This comic takes this to the level of absurdity. and imagines what effects video games have on an unborn baby.


[Megan is giving birth. A doctor stands near the end of the table.]
Doctor: Okay, the head is starting to crown.
Doctor: Push!
Doctor: Wait, that's... that's a tube.
Doctor: It looks like the barrel of a..."CLICK"
[A voice, that of the baby, comes from Megan's vagina.]
Baby: Nobody move--this is a stick-up!
Doctor: Oh, God! Stop pushing, Megan!
Doctor: Can you... pull?

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There might also be a joke in a "stick-up" with stick figures... 20:58, 13 May 2013 (UTC)