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  • Randall has by now written several books, four of which have their own page on this site.
    • He used no less than five comics to promote his How To book. It came out on the same day as 2198: Throw, the fourth directly related comic.
    • He also did something similar with 1608: Hoverboard when Thing Explainer came out.
    • His third book, with a page here on explain xkcd, is what if? the book based on his what if? blog, but that book did not have a similar promotion in comics.
      • In that explanation his first book xkcd:volume 0 is also mentioned.
    • He also wrote a novella in the book Machine of Death compilation, which he promotes in the title text of 1341: Types of Editors. That would thus be his first book promotion in xkcd.
  • Here is a list of comics that has been made to promote books Randall has written: