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There are 7 comics referencing a specific number of cursed connectors, which, if taken seriously, would mean there are at least 280 cursed connectors.

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This series of "cursed" connectors began with "Cursed Connectors #187", 2493: Dual USB-C, in July 2021. The second installment was released two comics later with "Cursed Connectors #65": 2495: Universal Seat Belt. This was eventually followed three weeks later by "Cursed Connectors #102": 2503: Memo Spike Connector.

Randall had already made a similar series, Bad Map Projections, which also uses a similar number system, with the first comic already beginning with a high number for the first bad projection, #107. Similar to this series, the second projection has a lower number than the first (#78).

However, these connectors are not real connectors. What is meant by "cursed" is uncertain; likely, though, they are "cursed" due to not being functional. Presumably the use of the term takes inspiration from the widespread meme referring to "cursed images". A jab at all the different connectors in existence, and how they often break down, maybe because people try to jam them into the wrong sockets because they have so many different types.

See also 2651: Air Gap for a similar type of comic with a special connection… though this one is not cursed. Or at least not explicitly named and numbered as one.

The connectors get a number which, if taken seriously, would mean there are at least 280 cursed connectors but probably more. So far, they have the following numbers (listed in number order rather than release order).

#46: Sheet Bend
#65: Universal Seat Belt
#78: Outlet Denier
#102: Memo Spike Connector
#120: Meta-Alternating Current
#187: Dual USB-C
#280: USV-C

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