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This series began in January 2017 and has at least two installments as of February 2017.

Randall has been into maps for a long time on xkcd. Especially he focused on map projections, which are various ways to show the Earth on a flat surface, as in 977: Map Projections. This is not possible to do without distortion because the Earth is not flat.

A long time after releasing that comic, which did not say the projections were bad, but clearly showed how different Earth's countries looks in different maps, he continues the list of projections (well, with Bad Map Projections he made himself) in what turned out to be a series, of two comics so far.

However, these projections are not real projections, and they are all named "Bad Map Projection: (Name)". They even get a number, which if taken seriously would mean there are 105 unreleased bad map projections at least. So far they have the following numbers, listed in number order rather than release order:

#79: Time Zones
#107: The Liquid Resize

This may give promise of several more bad projections. So far, both have been released using a similar six color scheme, like a political map with each country in a different color than its closest neighbors.

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