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If my country ever picks a new national flag, this is on my shortlist for designs to argue for, but I think in the end I'll go with the green puzzle piece or broken image thumbnail.
Title text: If my country ever picks a new national flag, this is on my shortlist for designs to argue for, but I think in the end I'll go with the green puzzle piece or broken image thumbnail.


Ambox notice.png This explanation may be incomplete or incorrect: Needs to be expanded. What is a "broken image icon", please provide examples. Do NOT remove this tag too soon.

A very common, yet frustrating issue on the internet is finding a broken link, taking you to an "Error 404" page (See "missing xkcd comic" 404: Not Found). The purpose of the page is to tell the user that the content they were looking for has been either moved or deleted or was never there in the first place.

Randall has suggested replacing the standard "page not found" text, to "This content is not available in your country". This could fool the user into thinking the media they are looking for is actually there, but is region locked, which is another great source of frustration for internet users. Using a VPN and/or TOR to try and access the content from another country wouldn't work, because it isn't actually region locked; it is just an error 404 page, wasting even more time, most likely frustrating the user a great deal in the process. Error code for "content blocked for legal reasons" is actually 451, referencing Fahrenheit 451.

The title text suggests setting the picture as a national flag. This would be very ironic, as it would suggest that the country's flag itself, something that is used to represent the country across the globe, is region locked. The country in the title text likely does not refer to the United States, but rather to the new country featured in 1815: Flag. The first flag of this country included a phone notification bar, so changing it to a "page not found" icon would continue with a trend of technology imagery. Instead he argues for a green puzzle piece, which was Firefox's "plugin is missing" icon (now it's a grey Lego brick). Chrome also has a comparable "plugin is missing" puzzle piece icon which is gray. He also argues for an equally frustrating broken image icon (which is used in lieu of a photo that is either missing or incompatible with the browser).


[A gray box on a black background with white text:]
This content is not available in your country.
[Caption below the panel:]
If you ever really want to make people mad, set this as your 404/"Not Found" page.

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