166: Misusing Slang

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Misusing Slang
It slowly dawns on us that our parents knew exactly what they were doing.
Title text: It slowly dawns on us that our parents knew exactly what they were doing.


Randall expresses excitement for the time in the future where he can intentionally misuse modern-day slang in order to make nearby teenagers feel uncomfortable. He illustrates this by using the word "pwned," the past tense of "pwn" (from "own," as in to defeat completely): "The noob was pwned by the pro."

Many teenagers believe their parents to be not "with the times," but Randall suggests that parents actually do know what the words mean, but are acting otherwise in order to mess with their heads for their personal amusement. The title text reinforces this, as every generation has had some form of slang that they used, and it could be possible that this practice has been continued for a good while. It also suggests that the parents of teenagers may be "pwning" their children by intentionally misusing these modern-day slang.


The best part of getting older is gonna be intentionally misusing slang around teenagers just to watch them squirm.
Cueball: Oh man, that song is so pwned!
Teenager: twitch

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