188: Reload

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And watch out for that guy from comic #53.
Title text: And watch out for that guy from comic #53.


This comic refers to the common method for reloading your ammunition in arcade game type shooters, also known as "rail shooters." The player is typically given a Light gun, and the player characters typically have unlimited magazines of ammunition; to load a new magazine, the player would aim his light gun away from the screen and pull the trigger.

The title text tells you to watch out for the guy from comic 53: Hobby, which shows a man who randomly pops up to the police when they are performing a drug raid. This refers to the random figures that pop out at many games; if they are not a valid target and you shoot them, you will lose points.


[Four soldiers are preparing to enter a battlefield; their leader addresses them.]
Leader: Okay men, we're going in. Stay low, keep behind cover, and if you run out of ammunition, shoot outside the battlefield to reload.

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