650: Nowhere

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I mean, seriously, NOWHERE? For starters, there are like a thousand species of dinosaur.
Title text: I mean, seriously, NOWHERE? For starters, there are like a thousand species of dinosaur.
Comparison of three species of Apatosaurus and a human: A. ajax (Orange), A. louisae (Red), and B. parvus (green)


This is a sarcastic comic poking fun at romanticism.

The phrase used by Cueball in the first panel hints at the romantic, suggesting that he is so happy to be with Megan that there is nowhere else that he would rather be right at this moment than here with her.

Megan wonders if this is her viewpoint, and imagines herself riding a dinosaur, probably an Apatosaurus, suggesting that she would rather be doing just that. This, and the title text are saying that the likelihood that out of all the possibilities in the universe, the chances that the one single place you would most want to be is just sitting with your significant other is fairly low.

The title text is Megan's comment to Cueball, where she asks him if he is serious, when there are like a thousand species of Dinosaurs he could be riding (or running from).

Previously, in 15: Just Alerting You, a man rode on a Brontosaurus which at the time of release of this comic was thought to just be an outdated name for Apatosauruses. This was made clear a few comics earlier in 636: Brontosaurus. Apatosauruses are also mentioned in 460: Paleontology.


[Megan is sitting on a couch with Cueball lying in her lap, his feet going out over the armrest.]
Cueball: There's nowhere I'd rather be than with you here right now.
[Zoom in on Megan, still showing Cueball's head in her lap.]
[Further zoom in on Megan, so only most of Cueball's head can be seen. The couch is only partly sketched, and behind her three thought bubbles lead to a day dream she is having, where we see she is imagining herself riding an apatosaurus, holding the reins going into the dinosaurs mouth.]

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....and she doesn't even save a spot for him. Tsk, Megan. Tsk. ~vB