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Climate change, especially global warming or generally pollution of the environment is a recurring theme on xkcd. General scientific consensus agrees that climate change and global warming are real (and so does Randall). However, plenty still believe the conspiracy theory that global warming is a hoax. Randall has tried to call attention to it several times, most directly in comics 164, 887, 1321 and 1379. Just a few days after this category was created the most elaborate attempt by Randall to show exactly how serious Global Warming is was released with the huge Earth Temperature Timeline. He also used his 2500 comic anniversary to call attention to it with 2500: Global Temperature Over My Lifetime by putting the pace of climate change on a relatable human scale. For more information on the effects of climate change, see Effects of climate change and NASA's webpage for climate change.

In some of the comics only the phrase "climate change" is mentioned, as in the title text of 603: Idiocracy. Also, comics discussing pollution that could cause climate change (without mentioning it directly like 1659: Tire Swing) should be included in this category. Comics where there is no direct reference to climate change, pollution, etc. in the comic or title text, and its potential relevance is a mere matter of speculation amongst the explainxkcd editors, should not be included in this category.

Although weather and climate are related, Category:Weather is its own category. Climate and weather are not the same thing.