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Climate change, especially global warming or generally pollution of the environment is a recurring theme on xkcd.

From the first reference and on it seems like Randall has believed that global warming is real (and now every scientist seems to agree, which was not the case back when he started talking about it), and has tried to call attention to it several times, most directly in 164: Playing Devil's Advocate to Win, 887: Future Timeline, 1321: Cold and 1379: 4.5 Degrees. Just a few days after this category was created the most elaborate attempt by Randall to show exactly how serious Global Warming is was released with the huge 1732: Earth Temperature Timeline.

In some of the comics only the word climate change is mentioned, either in the title text as in 603: Idiocracy, or just as part of a crazy sentence, 1412: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Also comics discussing pollution that could cause climate change (without mentioning it directly like 1659: Tire Swing) should be included in this category.

But comics, where people are just guessing in the explanation that Randall may be referring to global warming etc, should not be included here.