2284: Sabotage

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So excited to see everyone after my luxury cruise home from the World Handshake Championships!
Title text: So excited to see everyone after my luxury cruise home from the World Handshake Championships!


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This comic, once again, returns to the subject of the Coronavirus.

In the wake of the virus, the advice from many professionals is to avoid public gatherings to slow the spread of the virus and "flatten the curve". In this comic, Cueball's friends (presumably) are regardless planning to meet up. In order to prevent this, he is claming that he will be there, with a skunk petting zoo, which would most likely produce a foul odor, and karaoke featuring the song Baby Shark, which is a song for small children that is generally considered annoying to adults.

The title text presents a situation where there is a "World Handshake Championships". Presumably, this would involve shaking hands with as many people as possible; this would facilitate the spread of diseases such as Coronavirus. Cueball has apparently just come from a cruise ship, which is a topic of interest to many due to many being stranded at sea because of Coronavirus outbreaks on them.


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[Cueball is seated at a desk, typing on a laptop. The top half of the image is the text he is typing in a reply message:]

"I see you're still getting together today! I'll be there, doing my spoken-word Baby Shark karaoke all evening.

We'll also be setting up a petting zoo for the kids. We've spent all week trapping wild skunks!"

[Below the text is a white on green "reply" button.]