63: Valentine - Heart

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Valentine - Heart
Just pretend you're kidding.
Title text: Just pretend you're kidding.


The comic shows a Valentines card that starts off nicely, but then quite fast becomes very unromantic and probably very honest, that the only purpose of this card is getting the receiver into bed. It says that if this is not the case, if she (or he) doesn't want to go naked after receiving this card, then it is not really meant (i.e. their heart is not in it).

The title text implies that this is being offered as a Valentine that someone might give and then "pretend" that they were kidding. Which seems to imply that they would not, in fact, be kidding, that this represents their real feelings.

A funny thing is also that the text on the card implies that if the card indeed does get the receiver naked, that the action of giving it was truly meant. In that case, the giver would always deny that it was not meant and claim he/she is truly in love. Of course this cannot be true, since getting laid was the main motivation of appreciating the 'loved' one.


I want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day but unless this card is going to finally get you naked, I have to admit my heart's not really in it.

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