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Brussels Sprouts Mandela Effect
I love Brussels Sprouts Mandela Effect; I saw them open for Correct Horse Battery Staple.
Title text: I love Brussels Sprouts Mandela Effect; I saw them open for Correct Horse Battery Staple.


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Brussels sprouts are a leafy vegetable from the cabbage family which were cultivated in Brussels, Belgium in the 13th century, giving them their name. Many adults and children dislike Brussels sprouts, perhaps because of their bitterness.

Cueball was one of these people who had a dislike for Brussels sprouts, but after trying them recently he had a change of heart and likes them now. He feels "misled" by the public dislike for Brussels sprouts. Megan chimes in and also notes that there is a newer cultivar of Brussels sprouts (source provided) from around 15 years ago which taste less bitter than the "original" cultivar of Brussels sprouts that Cueball grew up eating.

It seems that others have also started to like Brussels sprouts, which Megan calls a Brussels Sprouts Mandela Effect - that they now have a "false" shared memory of Brussels sprouts tasting bad caused by having lived in a past reality where Brussel sprouts really were bitter.

False memories may arise via suggestibility, activation of associated information, the incorporation of misinformation, and source misattribution, and they can be shared, sometimes widely, when one of these triggers happens to many people in a population. The Mandela Effect is a pseudoscience explanation for a false memory shared by multiple people. It states that the false memory is actually a real memory of people who had lived in a parallel world where the memory was true.

In the last panel, Ponytail tricks Cueball into thinking that licorice, another widely disliked food, is good tasting. Additionally, she claims that silica gel packets are actually edible and taste delicious. This is very false. Silica gel packets are typically used as a desiccant, to keep electronics and other moisture sensitive items dry. They are typically marked "Do Not Eat" to warn people that they are not edible. Although not toxic, silica gel has a sand-like texture and no flavor or nutritional value [citation needed].

The title text suggests that "Brussels Sprouts Mandela Effect" is a music band, who once were the support act for the presumably better known band "Correct Horse Battery Staple". This latter group is a reference to 936: Password Strength. It hints at the "good name for a musical band" trope.


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[Ponytail, Cueball, and Megan standing in a line]
Cueball: I always thought of Brussels sprouts as terrible, but they're actually really good! I can't believe I let everyone mislead me!
[Frameless panel just showing Megan]
Megan: It's not just you! Farmers developed a less-bitter cultivar like 15 years ago.*
[Ponytail, Cueball, and Megan standing in a line. Megan is holding her arm away from her.]
Megan: Now the whole world is having this revelation, one person at a time. It's like a real Mandela effect. We secretly switched to the parallel universe where Brussels sprouts taste good.
Cueball: Cool.
[Ponytail, Cueball, and Megan standing in a line. Ponytail is holding up one finger.]
Ponytail: Also, licorice is good now.
Cueball: Whoa, really?
Megan: This is a trap.
Ponytail: And those silica gel packets that say "Do not eat"? Delicious.
Cueball: I knew it.

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