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See Comics with xkcd store products, for a list of comics that was featured on merchandise and posters/t-shirts.

The xkcd store was available at https://store.xkcd.com/ before it was shut down. Now the page is empty.

The last day it can be found on the web archive was 2022-01-25. The link to the store from the links sections on xkcd disappeared 2022-01-29.

The next archived version from 2022-01-31 shows the following text:

The xkcd store
Will be opening soon...
Enter store using password

A password can be entered and there is an "enter" button.

This stayed like this until 2022-10-06. That is the last saved version in the archive. The page seems to have been completely deleted after that, so there is no longer anything to save.

Several other changes happened to the links on 2022-01-31. That date is also the release day of the What If? 2 book, and of the comic 2575: What If? 2. Most likely the shop completely shut down on that day.

On 2022-04-06, Matthew Smoot, the "xkcd order wrangler" said in an email to a customer, "Unfortunately the store is closed indefinitely due to supply chain issues >_<. As soon as things with the new book are more settled we hope to be able to give the store the attention it needs, but Randall is completely focused on book stuff for the time being."