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The links segment on

These are the links at the top left of the page to navigate around on

What If?
What If? 2

Changes to the links[edit]


  • The link to the Blag was removed, while 2727: Runtime was up.
    • Probably because it's not as active as it was in the early days of xkcd.
    • The last post was only ten days from being a year old when it happened.
  • As opposed to the removed store link (from previous change) the link is still active:
    • But there is no link to it from the front page of xkcd.
  • The Blag link was last on page on 2023-01-19], while 2726: Methodology Trial was up.


  • After 2575: What If? 2 was released, the links changed dramatically to make room for three new rows of links. (Note there are no archive version of xkcd on 2022-01-31 with the What if comic. The link above is from 2022-02-01, but the comic did come out on 31st).
    • First one for all his books, then for the new What If? 2 page on xkcd, and below that a third line with three links for his previous books.
    • The Store was closed on that day where these changes were occurring, and the link was removed from the list a few days earlier, see below.
    • Also, the feed and e-mail were put on the same line to save place. And the How To link was moved down to the line with the three books abbreviated to their first two letters.



  • A line with TW • FB • IG got added below Email. Randall was now on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.



  • As the header text changed to announce the How To book tour, two new links was also added to the xkcd links.
    • The Feed • which is an XML file showing some details about the most recent comics.
    • Email where people can subscribe to news.
      • The day before on 2019-06-10, only the original five links were present.
  • On 2012-04-27 while 1048: Emotion was up the five links changed to be listed in the current one column style.


  • While 1037: Umwelt was on the front page the links was written in two columns rather than in one.
    • They came in this order (copy paste):
      • Archive
      • Forums
      • Blog
      • Store
      • About
    • But they looked like this:
      • ArchiveStore
      • Forums About
      • Blog
        • With no space between the top two links.
    • Before this there are a period on the web archive where the comic has not been stored properly.
      • The last day of this was 2012-03-30 while 1036: Reviews was up.
      • In the archive link this title can be seen, but not the image or the normal formatting.
      • The link can be seen though, but shown in one line, so not certain this means anything:
        • Archive
        • News/Blag
        • Store
        • About
        • Forums


  • This day, 2010-07-27, was the last where the archive worked for almost two years, although the comic picture is not shown, only the title.
    • This was while 771: Period Speech was up.
    • At that time the five links was in one column, and was in this order:
      • Archive
      • Forums
      • News/Blag
      • Store
      • About
    • The day after on 2010-07-31 the format was broken, and this seemed to last until 2012-03-30, 1 year and 8 months, see above.
      • This was while 773: University Website was up.
      • The links where the same order as the day before.
        • Interestingly that was not the case between the last day the format was broken on the archive and the first day it was not.
  • Examples where the web works:
  • But all the way back to the start of the current design on 2006-07-10 there were five links in one column:
    • About
    • News
    • Forums
    • RSS Feed
    • Store