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  • Randall sometimes includes the words facts (or fact) in his comics. This is when the facts are not very fun, because in those cases he would have used Fun fact in stead. See more about facts in the link.
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  • There where at the time of creation of this page tree comics with "facts" in the title.
    • But also at least two others with a fact in the text!
    • The last of these was the latest comic at the time of creation of this category, 2564: Sunshield, which had an Astronomy fact. And was the reason for the creation of this category.
  • This category is reminiscent of the Category:Tips which was created after the Category:Protip in similar was like the Category:Fun fact is much older than this, although the two old are now sub categories of the new.
  • So far there have been the following other one time only facts:
  1. Science Fact
  2. Snake Facts
  3. Calendar Facts
  4. Santa Facts
  5. Astronomy fact


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