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Randall sometimes includes a fun fact in his comics. This is a sentence used a little like his Protips or his My Hobby series.

The first five fun fact comics came out over a span of more than six years, with more than three months between the two closest to each other, but the next two, 1950: Chicken Pox and Name Statistics and 1959: The Simpsons, came out just three weeks apart, with only 8 comics between them, in February 2018, after a break of more than two years since the previous one, 1609: Food Combinations in November 2015. In the comic just after the second of those two, 1960: Code Golf, he returned to My hobby for the first time in more than a year. It seems as though Randall is revitalizing his old ideas. This could also be the reason he returned to his problems with Small Talk, a subject he had last used three times in a row exactly two years ago, in the next comic, 1961: Interaction.

Other comics may also use facts, but if the facts are not that funny he may just use Facts with another word added first like in 1398: Snake Facts. He has also given info on How to annoy people, which is very similar to some fun facts comics.