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  • Protip came first, but since then there have been all kind of protip that have not been named protip directly.
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This category is similar to Category:Protip, Category:How to annoy, Category:Facts, and Category:Fun fact.

The comic 1215: Insight doesn't mention the word tip, even though it is one. And the comic 2890: Relationship Advice is called advice but could have been a tip.

Science tips have been used more than once and have their own category. There were also two Statistics tip that was released as two tips comics in a row once, but the second one what just called Stats tips. Since they were not named the same they are both listed here below.

So far there have been the following one time only tips:

  1. Industry tip
  2. Holiday tip
  3. Home organization tip
  4. Kitchen tips
  5. AI tip
  6. Household tips
  7. Tornado safety tips
  8. Security tips
  9. Geology tip
  10. Telephoto tip
  11. Engineering tip
  12. Interaction tip
  13. Texting tip
  14. Statistics tip
  15. Stats tip
  16. Coding interview tip
  17. Tech tip
  18. Cooking tip
  19. Math tip
  20. Physics cost-saving tips
  21. Energy tip
  22. Linguistics tip
  23. Physics Safety tip
  24. Phone tip
  25. Solar energy tip
  26. Space tip
  27. Design tip
  28. Spacetime health tip