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This category lists all comics which mentions Google Glass. This was a recurrent topic in xkcd.

It seems generally that Randall is no fan of Google Glass, which was shown directly already in 1251: Anti-Glass and later again in 1304: Glass Trolling. But also in the other comics (so far), Google Glass is not shown in a good light. In the first reference to them, 1215: Insight, it turns out Cueball/Randall fears this new technology (it could have been any new technology, but Randall chose the glasses). In 1288: Substitutions they are substituted with the silly Virtual Boy and in 1716: Time Travel Thesis they are just "these broken glasses" Megan used in a 2010s theme party.

Only one comic mentioning Google Glass has been released since 2013, and then only in the title text. It seems unlikely that more will be written, unless Google Glass somehow becomes relevant again.

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