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  • A list of comics pertaining to New Year.
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  • The first two where not directly referring to New Year, but both where related to a wild party and both where released on New Years eve two years in a row (2007 and 2008).
  • The first directly relating to the changing of the year is the two comics released over the New Year from 2011 to 2012.
    • December 30th it was 997: Wait Wait and on January 2nd 998: 2012
    • Since then there has been at least one New Year related comic every year.
  • Next years New Year comic (2012-2013) was the first that directly related to New Year: 1154: Resolution, where the tradition of New Year's resolutions is the joke.
  • With the 1302: Year in Review, that is not directly related to New Years eve, but still to the end of the year, there where also two in 2013-2014, with the other being 1311: 2014.
  • Resolutions was also part of the joke in 1467: Email in 2014-2015.
  • Also in the New Year from 2015 to 2016 where there again two comics for one New Year.
    • Once again one of them was called the new year: 1624: 2016, making it the third even year with such a new year title.
    • In 2017 the first comic named like this with an uneven number, 1779: 2017, where released, and in 2018 the trend continued like this for the third year in a row with 1935: 2018.
  • There were nothing related to New Year between 31st December 2008 and December 30th 2011.
    • So the two New Years ending 2009 and 2010 had no comic related to their New Year.
    • There were also nothing prior to the one on 31st December 2007, thus for the New Years ending 2005 and 2006.

Not a New Year comics[edit]

  • Here is a list of the comics coming out as the one before or after New Year without having any New Year’s relation.
  • It also lists the dates of the actual New Year’s comics listed below in this category.