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Well, looks like you found my user page. Why not take a look around?


[edit] A Little About Myself

  • I run a content creation group under the name of "Influx Labs" with my friends.
  • I like to play a lot of TF2. If you want to join me or just chat with me, my Steam account is open for friend requests and the link is down in the "external links" section of my user page.

[edit] Forms of Contact

[edit] My Favorite Comics

1037: Umwelt | 388: Fuck Grapefruit | 1608: Hoverboard | 70: Guitar Hero | 74: Su Doku | 186: Console Lines | 377: Journal 2 | 405: Journal 3 | 272: Linux User at Best Buy | 721: Flatland | 327: Exploits of a Mom | 178: Not Really Into Pokemon | The 1337 Series | The Race Series | The Secretary Series | 1373: Screenshot | 524: Party | 1738: Moon Shapes | 1576: I Could Care Less | 1506: xkcloud | 1086: Eyelash Wish Log | 1660: Captain Speaking | 1780: Appliance Repair | 697: Tensile vs. Shear Strength

[edit] External Links

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