41: Old Drawing

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Old Drawing
I don't want to talk about it
Title text: I don't want to talk about it


This comic plays off the pun between stumped, meaning confused or at a loss, and a stump, which is the remnants of a tree that has been cut down.

Anyone snooping into his journal would be punished by such a terrible pun. The pun is so terrible that even Randall does not want to talk about it, as he mentioned in the title text.


[A tree holding a chainsaw over a recently cut-down tree. The first text is in a frame at the top of the panel.]
I found this in one of my high-school notebooks. I think I drew it just to take revenge on people snooping through my stuff.
Tree stump: Well, you stumped me...


  • This was the 36th comic originally posted to LiveJournal.
  • Original title: "Wednesday's Drawing - Old Notebook".
  • Original Randall quote: "I'm on vacation! At home. Fresh drawings when I return!"
  • This comic was posted on xkcd when the web site opened on Sunday the 1st of January 2006.
    • It was posted along with all 41 comics posted before that on LiveJournal as well as a few others.
    • The latter explaining why the numbers of these 41 LiveJournal comics ranges from 1-44.
  • One of the original drawings drawn on checkered paper.

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I used to frighten people going through my stuff with occasional pictures of Cthulhu standing on a pentagram with the norse runes for "all hail the destroyer of souls" around it, just to make their day a little weirder. -- Gigahertz (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)

Why is the pun so terribly punishing? (no pun intended) Benjaminikuta (talk) 07:31, 11 August 2014 (UTC)

I personally think that the comic means that the cut down tree is both a stump, and confused, no pun intended.

stump stump... argh An user who has no account yet (talk) 02:21, 12 September 2023 (UTC)