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  • :Cueball: Conspiracy theories represent a known glitch in human reasoning. The theories are of course occasionally true, but their
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  • ...jump straight to the [[#The room with a glitch floor in the Star Destroyer|Glitch floor section]].] ====The room with a glitch floor in the Star Destroyer====
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  • the Washington Monument and in the cotton trap in the Destroyer and the glitch floor also on the Destroyer. be seen inside the Destroyer with the two large rooms (the cave and the Glitch floor room) both being large enough to [
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  • ...nd remember to include the top coin in the torpedoes and the one below the glitch floor, almost never retracing (except when absolutely necessary), and then
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  • ...the right, where you also sink in, and at the bottom right the hole in the glitch floor in the inverted dome beneath the ship. Here you can fall down to a co
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  • | titletext = Due to a minor glitch, 'discharge patient' does not cause the algorithm to exit, but instead lead ...this you could reach the discharged option alive. Sadly there is a little glitch mentioned in the title text:
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  • ...le it begins to go down right in a circle, and turns into the floor of the Glitch floor room, where this bulges out beneath the Destroyers hull ...estroyer Cave section || Inside the Destroyer: Room || || || || || || Glitch floor room: The floor of this room is part of semi-circle shaped bowl, and
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  • :Minor glitch in the universe.
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  • *1608 Entire Cave and Glitch floor room: [[File:1608 Entire Cave and Glitch floor room.png]]
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  • ...e is so hilariously messed up (and/or the assets so bizarre) that a simple glitch in a thermostat somehow resulted in the loss of a large amount of the compa many of our assets were liquidated this morning due to a thermostat glitch.
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  • ...erroneously, perhaps because of a program not closing the file properly, a glitch in the operating system, or user error. The user then is required to find t
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  • that if the phone is capable of detonation it's possible, by accident, glitch, or a malicious hacker, that the phone could detonate when not stolen, poss ...this has the potential to be an irritation if it is activated by accident, glitch, or hack.
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  • to when lower quality JPEG images were commonplace, or as a form of {{w|glitch art}}. It is possible that some in the future will view JPEG artifacts as g
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  • ...tion at harming the heroes. This option may be a reference to exploiting a glitch to trigger a [ credit warp] in games such as Su
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  • * As of 5:23am UTC on 4 May 2020 a glitch caused the comic image to display at 4682 pixels wide when viewed on non-Re
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