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A news anchor, also known as news presenter, is a person who presents news during a news program for instance on television. Below is a list with all comics where a news anchor is either shown speaking on the news or where "news anchor" is explicitly mentioned in xkcd. Click to expand for a more detailed explanation:


On Wikipedia the primary term used is "[[wikipedia:News presenter|]]", but various others redirect there. Randall has used the phrasing "news anchor" directly in 1086: Eyelash Wish Log, "news caster" in 727: Trade Expert and just "reporters" in 1368: One Of The. Another version of a news report could be with a reporter, reporting from the scene. Although that has been seen in some of these comics below, it is always with a news anchor talking to the reporter from the studio, otherwise it would not belong in this category. Blondie, together with Cueball, is one of the most used character for presenting news reports.

List of presenters[edit]


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