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First appearance 59: Graduation
Appearances 47
For a list of comics, see Comics featuring Blondie.
For the named Blondies, see Miss Lenhart and Mrs. Roberts

Blondie is a stick figure character in xkcd. She is distinguished by her long blonde hair. Like most other xkcd characters, she does not necessarily represent the same character from comic to comic.


Blondie is a minor character in xkcd, but has had several appearances without ever being named in general.

She is mainly just another woman that Randall can use when he wishes to give a woman a specific characteristic so to set her aside from the more commonly used women Megan and Ponytail.

There are 2 other minor characters who have the same appearance as Blondie, and are thus subcategories of her, just like Rob is for Cueball. Those two are the teacher Miss Lenhart, and the hacker Mrs. Roberts.

She, together with Cueball, is one of the most used character for presenting news reports. She is occasionally also portrayed as a mathematician, possibly meant to represent Miss Lenhart. However, since she is not actually teaching, she is still referred to as Blondie. For more information, see to the Math teacher section on Miss Lenhart's page. Blondie appears to be the wife of a Cueball-like in 275: Thoughts. In 416: Zealous Autoconfig and 342: 1337: Part 2, both Miss Lenhart and Mrs. Roberts are portrayed as mothers with at least two children. Blondie is also depicted as a mother in a few other comics, such as: