Spice Girls

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Spice Girls

First appearance 1511: Spice Girl
Appearances 3
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The Spice Girls are an English girl group formed in 1994, consisting of "Scary Spice", "Sporty Spice", "Baby Spice", "Ginger Spice", "Posh Spice". With their "girl power" mantra, they redefined the girl-group concept by targeting a young female fanbase. They led the teen pop resurgence of the 1990s, were a major part of the Cool Britannia era, and became pop culture icons of the decade.

In the first 1510 comics, Randall never mentioned the Spice Girls, but within the following fifty comics, he suddenly referenced them three times. These comics also featured two almost identical titles using the group's name, and the joke relies on the members' nicknames.