143: Parody Week: TFD and Natalie Dee

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Parody Week: TFD and Natalie Dee
Although bees with tires would be kinda funny.
Title text: Although bees with tires would be kinda funny.


This comic is a part of the Parody Week, just joking about other webcomics. This series was released on five consecutive days (Monday-Friday), not over the usual Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule, and it comprises the following five parodies:

This comic parodies two comics in one go. TFD is an acronym for Toothpaste For Dinner, which is a daily one-panel cartoon written and drawn by Drew Fairweather. Each comic features small, simple drawings, paired with short captions or dialogue.

Natalie Dee is the author of the daily comics Natalie Dee. This webcomic comprises various sketches illustrating amusing or anecdotal situations from everyday life.

Drew and Natalie are husband & wife, and are also the authors of the webcomic Married to the Sea.

In similar style to their simple comics, we see xkcd's Cueball ask the two creators of the two comics what's funny. The woman in color represents Natalie, who does color drawings that could include animals, and she thinks bees are funny. The man is Drew drawn like his own characters with a weird head shape. He thinks tires are funny. Then Natalie combines those to say that bees with tires are funny, and he replies, whatever.

The title text points out that it would be funny to see bees with tires. This is because bees, like other living creatures, have no wheels.[citation needed]


[Cueball is standing to the left in this frameless comic, talking to a woman and man. She has long black hair, black eyes, and a very wide mouth going from side to side of the part of her head visible for the hair. She wears a blue shirt, green shorts, and white shoes. She stands with her arms bent with her hands on her sides. Fourteen bees are swarming around her head. The man next to her is bald with a strange distorted face tilting down from right to left, and his eyes align with his tilted forehead. His mouth is a round O. He is wearing a white t-shirt and pants with black shoes. He holds up his left arm, hand in front of his breast. To the right, there lie two tires, the top one lying halfway up on the bottom tire. Where Cueball speaks using the normal all capital letters of xkcd, the other two speak only in lowercase letters.]
Cueball: So guys what is funny this week?
Natalie: bees!
Drew: tires.
Natalie: bees with tires!
Drew: whatever


  • This was the TFD strip released the same day as this comic.
  • This was the Natalie Dee strip released the same day as this comic.
  • This was the Married to the Sea strip released the same day as this comic, which makes it clear that it is the other two that were the target of the parody.

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Why is there nothing? This was just a blank box with no text in it. I am adding this comment so it isn't a completely blank box. Beanie (talk) 09:39, 11 December 2020 (UTC)

Expanding on this: There was literally no text. Beanie (talk) 10:24, 18 March 2021 (UTC)

hello! i think this is also kinda a parody of "you get bees and you get bees evryone gets bees!" can't remember what thats from tho Helpimstuckinahole smith (talk) 04:59, 3 February 2021 (UTC)