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Mars Rovers
I just Googled 'roomba sojourner mod' and was sorely disappointed. Be the change, I guess!
Title text: I just Googled 'roomba sojourner mod' and was sorely disappointed. Be the change, I guess!


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This article is Randall's placement of the various Mars rovers on a cuteness v capabilities chart.

He finds the Curiosity and Perseverance rovers to be very capable / useful, but not very cute. Spirit and Opportunity are cuter than the first two, but less capable. The recently launched Perseverance rover contains a drone helicopter, Ingenuity, which Randall finds very cute, but he is unsure how capable / useful it is.

Finally, on the very right of the chart is the Sojourner rover, launched in 1997. He considers this rover extremely cute, but ultimately not that capable in terms of space exploration.

In the title text, Randall is disappointed that there aren't many people who have modified their Roomba vacuums to look like (or act like?) the Soujourner rover. Roomba has been mentioned in many xkcd comics.


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