420: Jealousy

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Oh, huh, so you didn't know that story?
Title text: Oh, huh, so you didn't know that story?


In the first four stanzas of this soliloquy, Cueball reminisces fondly about his meeting of Megan at a party where they quickly had a romantic rapport and spent the night together. The next two stanzas are a lamentation that Megan is now married and can never have that same experience again.

The final stanza reveals that this is not merely Cueball waxing poetic about a previous love, but that he is actually making a toast as the best man at Megan's wedding reception - certainly an occasion when it is wildly inappropriate to discuss the previous romantic involvements of the bride. In modern times it is not unexpected that the bride at a wedding will have had previous relationships with someone other than the gro