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Hi! I'm GizmoDude. I don't really have much to say here, but since you clicked on the link to this page, you probably want to know about me.

I am a nerd, even though I don't know how to really code. I'm more into math and music (and Minecraft!) and stuff.
I like tostadas. (They're like flat tacos.)
I have a cat that's cuter than yours.
I can read text upside-down and sideways.
I joined this wiki when 1649: Pipelines came out.
I haz a YouTube!
I am currently 37th on top contribution scores, all time.

I have two goals on this wiki:

Make the every comic transcript so complete, that just by reading it, you can draw the whole comic.
Stay on the top three contributors list on the bottom of the main page.

Things I get nerd-sniped about:

Some of my favorite comics:

First appearance Beginning of time
Known appearances 8128
Contribution score 163
Pages edited 136
Changes made 312