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Red Spiders

A close-up of a Red Spider from 442: xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel
First appearance 8: Red spiders
Known appearances 8
  • Red spiders (with six legs) were a recurring theme in early xkcd comics.
    • They appear in at least 7 different comics, although they are no longer shown regularly. The last comic where they were mentioned was 1110: Click and Drag, in September 19, 2012.
    • The picture shown here is not representative of the spiders, as the other versions of the spiders are more pink than red.
      • In the last comic so far 1110: Click and Drag they are even black and white, but can be recognized by their six legs.
    • In 47: Counter-Red Spiders there are no Spiders, but they are mentioned by name and that comic is part of the original series, which comprises the first four listed here below.
  • Red spiders are also shown in the XKCD book volume 0 on the back cover.