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  • I have been promoted to Admin by Jeff on Davidy²²'s suggestion.
    • It is an honor so hope I can live up to the responsibility.
    • I may not see all notes in the admin board, but if you need me to read something, then post a note in my Talk page.
  • A big fan of anything xkcd :)
  • Discovered xkcd through the "new" what if? section
    • Then proceeded to reading the weekly xkcd strip and started reading from the beginning of the xkcd comic.
  • I found that I needed this page to fully understand and appreciate many of the comics.
  • At the moment of writing this I'm working on a table for describing the 1000 characters in 1000: 1000 Comics.
    • To complete that I first needed to number the images which was also a big task...
    • By the way given that I may still miss seeing several of the comics between 600-1000 I may no be the best to recognize these 1000. But with the table maybe others will help.
  • Recently the physically tallest comic in xkcd history 1732: Earth Temperature Timeline also took me some time:
    • Made both the transcript and the table.
    • And is now in the process of filling out said table, so the 1000 project has been halted for now.
  • For a couple of years my activity has been quite low, as I got to be caught up in this nonsense: 1705: Pokémon Go.
    • It has taken the time I spend here, but at least I get more fresh air and exercise.  :-)
    • I have not quit editing here, but the projects above will not be finished by me anytime soon.


I have so far (May 2014) only progressed through the first 400 comics (+ references) but have read all the new since October 2013. So there may be many favorites waiting for me. (Reached no. 400 on May 28th 2014, then 480 September 15th 2014 - slow progress at the moment. 500 in November. 530 reached in January 2015. 540 march 2015. 550 June 2015. 560 mid June 2015. 570 end of July 2015. 582 September 1st 2015. 585 October 20th. 591 February 14th 2016. Finally reaching 600 on 2016-07-30 - the problem is that every time I open a new comic, there seems to be so much to improve on the explanations, especially the transcript and the details missing).

This is just a list of some comics I really appreciate: