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As seen in 1178: Pickup Artists
First appearance 61: Stacey's Dad
Known appearances 119

Hairy is a stick figure character in xkcd. The name is unofficial, used by xkcd explainers to describe male characters with hair and no other distinguishing features.

Hairy is not a single character, but a categorization of various one-time characters. One Hairy, a learning pickup artist, has appeared in two comics (1027: Pickup Artist and 1178: Pickup Artists).

When Hairy appears with Cueball or Black Hat, he generally comes off as worse (as in 1210: I'm So Random, or as a pickup artist). Hairy can also appear just to add some variation in a group (1261: Shake That), or as a kid (973: MTV Generation, 1176: Those Not Present).

There is a very early comic (16: Monty Python -- Enough) where a hairy guy delivers the joke. There is no reason to believe this is the same Hairy that Randall invented later.

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